• Me: I’m Avery, I’m a sophomore in the U.S, I love taking pictures and obviously blogging. You can see pictures of me on the “my face” link and ask any questions about me at any time!
  • Promo for promo: only if you have 20k+ but if you do just ask! I will follow back anyone I do a P4P with
  • Messages: I love getting messages from you guys and I read all of them, I don’t have time to reply to them all but I appreciate every single one of them! Usually, when you ask some sort of question I reply, but the sweet things you guys say really make my day every time. Hate mail is not tolerated.
  • Checking out blogs: I will try to check out your blog if you ask me to and sometimes I will follow back!
  • Blog dedications: Some days I like to dedicate my blog to to different things, ex. favorite TV shows, celebrities, GIFS, favorite quotes, ect. but all in black and white! So if you ever have something you want to see on my blog just message me and I’ll see what I can do!
  • Following back: When I follow you back it will show up as my other blog following you (b0h0-beach) There is no way to change it but just now I’m still following you! Also, I will still follow blogs that aren’t black and white because if I really like the picture I will edit it
  • I love all my followers you guys are honestly the best!